Rethinking the Right Way to Sit

Don’t blame the office for your back pain. The time you spend in your chair is probably not the problem. “Sitting has gained such a bad reputation – it’s the new smoking,” says back pain expert Esther Gokhale, founder of Palo Alto’s Gokhale Method Institute and author of ‘8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back.’ “It’s […]

The New Rules of Running

There’s a quiet renaissance happening in American distance running. At the IAAF World Cross Country Championships this year, the Americans beat the vaunted Kenyans, a team we haven’t bested since 1984. In 2012, Galen Rupp became the first American since 1964 to win a medal at 10,000 meters, and at the outdoor track and field world […]

Fatigue, Joint Pain, Muscle Aches May Be Related to Foods You Eat

Non-specific symptoms such as fatigue and musculoskeletal pain are two of the most common complaints that cause people to see a doctor. These non-specific pain syndromes have been described in the medical literature over many years and on occasion can be seen in the early stages of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosis and […]

How Does Vision Return After 12 Years of Blindness

I believe in miracles. The following story is a miracle about Doug Harkey’s visit to his chiropractor where he regained his vision in his left eye. Yes, you read me right. This was published in the Telegraph Herald in Dubuque, Iowa on January 11, 2008. Doug Harkey was legally blind from retinitis pigmentosis (RP) in […]

Water is the Wonder Medicine You Can’t Live Without!

Without a regular supply of it, you can get headaches and joint problems.  What is “it”?   It’s the latest wonder medicine—pure water!   Surveys show most of us don’t drink enough water.  You are not just what you eat…but what you drink too.   Water is the basis of all life, including your body.   The muscles […]

Easy Solutions for a Better Mood

There are lots of ideas and methods for elevating your mood in the press on a daily basis.  The following I have recommended to my patients and have found good success within a few weeks to several months. 1. Exercise – get 30-40 minutes of aerobics 3-5 x a week. 2. SAME – take 800-1,200 […]

When to Buy Organic

Opt for organic foods to avoid pesticides. Here’s a list of the top 10 most contaminated fruits and veggies (peaches are the worst), compiled by the Environmental Working Group: 1. Peaches 2. Apples 3. Sweet Bell Peppers 4. Celery 5. Nectarines 6. Strawberries 7. Cherries 8. Kale 9. Lettuce 10. Grapes (Imported)   Source: […]

Make it Dark for Valentines Day

What we intuitively seemed to know about since childhood is being scientifically proven more and more these days. What we knew was: chocolate is good! Chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, is being touted more and more through research and by medical doctors that it can benefit our health—physically, mentally and emotionally.   Heart Wise Nice to know […]

Dr. Sienko Joins Go Local to Support Schools and Offer New Patient Benefits

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 1/19/12 Contact: Matilda Sienko 828-253-8900 Dr. Sienko Joins Go Local to Support Schools and Offer New Patient Benefits Asheville—Dr. Matilda Sienko of Gentle Family Chiropractic ( has joined the roster of other local businesses by signing on to be a part of the Go Local Card. The card is the result of […]

Stress—It’s Not All In Your Head!

You are not imagining it.  Unless you are living as a hermit who has given up processions and social interaction, you are bound to have feelings of being stressed.  Having that feeling occasionally is normal.  However, nowadays many people are experiencing the symptoms of stress overload that affects not just mood and thoughts but how your body is […]